ThermocalcThermo-Calc Software AB

Thermo-Calc Software is a small enterprise that was founded in 1997, whose business is to develop and license software and databases, and to provide software simulation competence, to areas and markets where thermodynamics is of essential importance. In our product portfolio one may specifically mention the software Thermo-Calc, which is software for calculating complex heterogeneous phase equilibriums in multi-component systems. This software is today one of the most used software packages in the field of computational materials science. The company also develops software for simulating kinetics of phase-transformations, as well as multi-particle precipitation reactions, in different alloy systems, as e.g. steels, Ni-, and Al-alloys. In addition, to software development a core competence in the company are modelling and assessment of thermodynamic, kinetic and property data applying the so-called CALPHAD methodology. This competence spans a wide spectrum of materials, such as for example alloys, slags, molten salts, oxides and aqueous solutions. Company headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, where 25 individuals are currently employed. Thermo-Calc Software has earlier experience from European Projects by participating in the FP5 Project VESPISM (Virtual Experiments in Steel Metallurgy).

The main contribution from Thermo-Calc Software to this project will be on deriving a standardized protocol for outgoing thermodynamic, kinetic and physical property data that is to be used as input in software for simulation of microstructure evolution. Key persons from Thermo-Calc Software to take part in the ICMEg project are: Dr. Qing Chen, head of database development at Thermo-Calc Software.