The Vision

The vision of ICMEg is a new strategy of materials and process development. In this strategy a variety of academic and commercial simulation tools – present and future – can be easily combined across different process steps and also bridging different length scales. This "plug & play" type architecture will be based on an object oriented, standardized information exchange


The Mission

ICMEg will build up a scientific network of stakeholders interested in boosting ICME into industrial applications. The stakeholders will benefit from sharing knowledge and best practice. A deeper understanding between the different communities of materials scientists, IT engineers and industrial users will thus be promoted.

The first objective of ICMEg is to establish and to maintain a network of contacts including

  • simulation software providers around the world
  • governmental and international standardization authorities
  • ICME type users of simulation software
  • different associations in the area of materials and processing
  • academic developers of simulation software

The second objective of ICMEg then is to

  • stimulate knowledge sharing in the field of multiscale materials design
  • define - in discussions with all interested stakeholders and volunteers - an ICME language in form of an open and standardized communication protocol
  • communicate this standard worldwide to make it widely accepted
  • discuss - with all the insterested stakholders and volunteers - and to decide about future amendments to the initial standard
  • establish a legal body (not for profit) being open to all interested stakeholders for a sustainable further development