2nd International Workshop on Software Solutions for ICME, Barcelona, April 12-15, 2016


 The second Workshop on Software Solutions for ICME  will be on elaborating "How to combine different models and tools in practice" and this scope can be summarized in one word: Interoperability.

2nd workshop ICMEg

This implicitly covers aspects like information exchange (standardized protocols), license issues, steering of multiple codes (platforms), examples of industrial applications and many others.

The workshop will be held at the venue of UPC BarcelonaTech/CIMNE and with main organizers : C. Agelet de Saracibar (CIMNE), M. Chiumenti (CIMNE), G.J. Schmitz (ACCESS), U.Prahl (RWTH Aachen). Please look for upcoming details at this website or at www.icmeg.info