Overall strategy of the workplan

The strategic aim  is to build up a network on ICME stakeholders strong enough to generate a common ICME language (communication standards) to boost ICME into practical applications. To reach this goal, seven steps have to be made:

  • First step: Create global network of software simulation providers in the area of ICME by identifying all relevant institutions – academic and commercial – even if they are in a competitive situation. Invite all of them to a Workshop.
  • Second step: Create – jointly with all stakeholders – a directory of all relevant software codes including detailed descriptions of their functionalities, calculated values and properties, import-export formats and available filters and any other information meaningful for the development of the ICMEg standard. This information will be collected in a "Directory of Software for ICME" as proceedings of the 1st International Workshop and forms the initial condition for setting up the ICMEg standard
  • Third step: Communicate the vision of ICMEg, its benefits and the envisaged further standardization procedure to both software providers and users during this first workshop. Major scope of this workshop is to discuss a first draft of a possible standard, to identify its pro's and con's, to identify omissions, possibly wrong assumptions, possible alternatives, its comprehensiveness, its applicability to specific problems and others.
  • Fourth step: On the basis of the lessons learned from this first workshop and sand-box scenarios being defined within ICMEg itself  an initial version of a global standard shall be developed for the description of components, microstructures, thermodynamics and properties. These standards – at the different length scales – shall be designed as mutually compatible e.g. in terms of phasenomenclature or nomenclature for field variables like e.g. concentration of alloy elements.Further operations on the standardized information will be necessary to adapt e.g. mesh types and mesh sizes, to assure a global frame of reference, for data compression and others.
  • Fifth step: Critically review the elaborated standards and procedures by benchmarking them against further test-scenarios.
  • Sixth step: Eventually the elaborated standard will be communicated within a second workshop. The proceedings will be published in a book on "Software Standards for successful ICME" and accordingly be disseminated to a wide public  and serve as a handbook for software developers in industry and academia.
  • Seventh step: A sustainable further development of the developed standard after the end of the ICMEg project will be realized by founding an "Association of software providers for ICME" as a non-profit legal body. One of the tasks of this association will be the maintenance of a Wikipedia entry on ICMEg comprising – similar to the jpeg entry